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Andrew C. Brown – Director/Post Production Supervisor/Editor

Having worked in motion picture production for over forty years, one could be forgiven if one thought you’d “seen it all”.

But that is definitely not the case.

Aside from the rapidly changing technology with the miniaturization of equipment accompanied by the expansion of capabilities, there is the more interesting explosion of new ideas and approaches to “making movies”. 

YouTube and streaming services has opened the market for new production at every level. 

In the early days, it was 16mm film for “guerrilla” shooting. Now we have phones, drones and all types of compact digital cameras. Added to this is the comparatively inexpensive costs associated with shooting and editing.

I think this mass marketed the motion picture movement, and while there is a lot a dreck, there is some really stunning, innovative and imaginative material accessible to most, and on a constantly reviewable basis. 

This is exciting to watch and encouraging to see young filmmakers tell their stories.

While having worked in almost every facet of film/video production from editing nationally broadcast television commercials and feature films, directing corporate and television programs, shooting video portraits, or producing and directing historical documentaries, it is the fascination with new stories and ways to tell them that still intrigues me.

I have received recognition with awards including two Geminis for post production on nationally televised programs. (The Geminis were awarded for best television production in Canada from 1986-2011 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_Awards)

In addition, a Telly for directing a children’s short-program television series, editing in feature films, along with Film & TV Festival of New York, the Worldfest Houston, and ITVA Video Festival Canada for post-production on corporate projects.