acb portrait

While technology to make pictures move has changed dramatically over the past four decades, the concept of editing those moving pictures has modified very little. Certainly, styles of cutting come and go, and come back again, but it’s all about the best methods of storytelling.

When I first started editing we used Moviolas and tape slicers to physically cut the film, typically 35-mm for TV commercials, 16-mm for documentaries. Making a movie in the last quarter of the twentieth-century was a very physical process.

The hours were long, the days continuous but I enjoyed that process very much. I have worked in almost every facet of film/video production from editing nationally broadcast television commercials, directing corporate productions and television programs, shooting non-profit video portraits, to producing and directing historical documentaries.

As time went by I received recognition from industry peers in the form of awards including two Geminis for post production on nationally televised programs, and a Telly for directing a children’s television short-program series. In addition there have been awards from the Film & TV Festival of New York, the Worldfest Houston, and ITVA Video Festival Canada for post-production on corporate projects.

A trivia note: I was the first person to receive a Gemini Award for post-production excellence with Best Picture Editing in a Comedy, Variety, Performing Arts Program or Series. The program was CBC’s Canada Special, “Floating Over Canada”.

The Geminis were awarded for best television production in Canada from 1986-2011.

I continue to produce, direct and edit programs of personal interest, particularly for non-profit organizations.

The Heintzman Piano Company – Ninety Years in the Junction – director/editor

Toronto’s West End Art Collective – 20 short-format video portraits of artists in the collective – director/editor

Creative Forces – 11 short-format video portraits of people, touched by cancer, who have turned to art as part of their healing process – director/editor

The Sanctuary – a multiple award-winning dark thriller feature film – post production supervisor/editor

Historically Speaking – a series of short-format documentaries of historical stories in Stratford, ON and district – director/editor