Brief Review of 2021, Expectation for 2022

From the completion of a quirky feature film to the release of a series of six historical documentaries, and all despite Covid-19, made for an ‘interesting’ and rewarding 2021, early 2022.

As Post Production Supervisor and Editor, I completed the feature film “The Taste of Blood” in September 2021. It has been released both for streaming and theatrical distribution, and started to garner some international attention and awards.

With Covid lockdown in full force throughout the province, there was very little in the way of on going production. I did manage,  Covid protocols in place to shoot material for four or so short videos. Two have been released on YouTube. 

The first was a brief overview of the first general hospital in Stratford, now called Avon Crest. 

The second is the story of British Home Children.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, I, in conjunction with the Stratford & District Historical Society, began shooting a series of six short-format video documentaries about the unique characters, places and events in the Stratford, ON area.

“Historically Speaking” – Series One USB wafer drive

Fortunately, I had completed shooting all interviews and b-roll before provincial lockdowns so I could begin post-production. It would be some months before we could access the Stratford Perth Archives for additional historical photographs though.

By fall 2021, all six were mastered, along with additional introduction and welcome videos shot and competed.

In discussions with the executive of the Stratford & District Historical Society, it was decided that the documentaries would be made available on a USB wafer drive and offered for sale. The sales would help the Society continue its work and the documentaries provide an archive of stories that otherwise would have been lost.

In late November 2021, I prepared the required files, including mastering the MP4 videos in HD, designing the cover art and writing an introductory “welcome” document. 

We mastered the programs to a larger drive than our material required to provide the purchaser the option of adding more videos or personal files.

The order was placed and delivered shortly before Christmas. It was rewarding, despite the difficult times, to see the documentaries finally completed and ready for distribution to the public.

As for 2022…

I have expectations of producing more historical videos. In fact, there are another six stories in the development, and the hope to begin production in the late spring 2022, Covid dependant.

Finally, a new feature film “Cry of Silence”, a psychological thriller, should be ready for post-production later in the year.