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Feature Films In Production

The Sanctuary has won over 50 international awards and will in distribution September 2020.

With the successful completion of the multi-award winning feature “The Sanctuary”, director Allen Kool is preparing future feature productions under the new COVID19-cautioned shooting schedules.

Robin E Crozier is writing a sequel to The Sanctuary called The Taste Of Blood. Principal photography is expected to begin in January 2021.

the taste of blood poster

Also on board for later in 2021 is Cry of Silence.

cry of silence poster

Currently, I’m scheduled to supervise post-production and edit both The Taste of Blood and Cry of Silence.

I completed the edit for The Sanctuary using Final Cut Pro X and as I’ve used that program for many years, the edit went smoothly. Transition from Blackmagic RAW files to ProRes was seamless. Completing files for post audio was done through X2Pro conversion and all files transferred cleanly for final surround and stereo mixes.

While I enjoy FCPX as an editing application, I decided to try DaVinci Resolve 16 to edit the promotional material for The Sanctuary. I had the luxury of a flexible time-frame. Therefore, I could use the promos as training materials to work with Resolve.

Starting any new application requires a learning curve as did Resolve. It is quite a dense application offering capabilities within the one application that would require two, three or four for others. This can be a disadvantage, but Blackmagic is constantly upgrading the program so that even in the short time I’ve used it, I find it more and more useful.

At this stage, I’m still not as efficient with the application as FCPX but I am finding the Fusion and Color pages more effective than FCPX for graphics and colour-grading.

Editing a couple more smaller projects will tell if I’m prepared or want to move to Resolve for post production of the upcoming features, or stay with Final Cut Pro X.