From My Archives – “Creative Forces”

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In late 2016, I began producing, as director and editor, pro-bono, a series of promotional videos for the ART for Cancer Foundation (AFC).

The ART for Cancer Foundation (AFC), founded in 2011 by Cid Palacio, exists to enhance the lives of cancer patients, their families and caregivers, by providing them with a hands-on outlet for creative expression through art. AFC is a non-profit, non-government funded charity and its free programs harness the emotional healing power of the creative process. –

Among the projects were PSAs for their annual Anonymous Art Show, an instructional program called paint along Teddy Bear by artist Laurie Stein, a number of ART for Cancer Foundation promotional PSAs including a concept that may lead to a longer format documentary at a later date about “Creativity and Healing”.

anonymous art show 1
anonymous 2
paint along teddy bear

In 2017, I began a more expansive project, Creative Forces. This series of eleven short-format video portraits explored the impact of the foundation’s workshops and programs on the lives of cancer survivors and their families.


Creative Forces began production in November 2016. Producers Rochelle Kahn and Cid Palacio were instrumental in arranging and conducting interviews with our eleven participants. Interviews and workshop b-roll footage were shot in 1080P with a Canon DSLR. Audio for the interviews was recorded on a Zoom recorder.


Post Production began in early 2017. Editing with Final Cut Pro X, the intention was to release the eleven episodes regularly over the following months.


Each episode focuses on a personal story of art and creative expression and the significance and influence on their cancer journey. While there are consistent expressions of gratitude for the ART For Cancer Foundation, each story is inspirational, empowering and life-affirming from very different life experiences.

AFC “Creative Forces” Promo