From My Archives – Natalie Cole – “This Will Be”

natalie cole with backup singers

It was the mid-1970s, MTV was a few years away from broadcast, and although music videos had been produced for years for promotional purposes, they were just on the cusp of a breakout into national prominence.

Film was the principal format for motion picture editing. Video tape editing was years away. We relied on mechanical equipment dating back, in terms of invention, to the first days of film production.

And the Moviola was the editing weapon of choice -one track for video, the other track for audio. Typically the format was a combination of 35mm and 16mm for both the visual and audio components.


Natalie Cole’s video was one of the first music videos for the production company, Telecraft Films. They were primarily involved in the revision of US nationally broadcast TV commercial for the Canadian market. They also produced hockey highlight films for the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL.

As I recall, the edit for the music video was very straight forward. A simple performance-based single camera shoot, 16mm, to playback. A couple of other angles offered some cutting flexibility and no additional b-roll or titles were required.

This video was directed by Ray Cole, no relation to Natalie. Ray went on become an accomplished commercial director.

The final video was completed in 16mm with optical track. It was distributed to television and promotional outlets in that form.

I didn’t keep a copy of the film, they were of a limited production run, I did find this You Tube link however.

Natalie Cole died at the relatively young age of 65 in 2015.