Dianna Lynn


With Covid-19 protocols in place, the trailer for the upcoming feature film Cry Of Silence was shot on a Blackmagic Pocket camera in 4k at the Westover Inn, St. Marys, ON in late October. 

Dianna Lynn’s original music, Marionette, performed by her on a grand piano, was the core of the video. It was augmented with footage for the movie. 

Two edits were completed, a performance-based presentation, and a movie trailer action piece.

Both edits are quite distinct in look and feel. The performance video is in a film noir black and white style with colour accents, particularly red, on selected shots. 

The second video focusses on the predator and colour-grades the material in a high contrast black and white with accents of golds and yellows. Post production was competed with DaVinci Resolve 16 incorporating the original Blackmagic BRAW files.

The following link is to the first version of the trailer.

The following link is to the second version of the trailer