“Save Avon Crest” – Website Launch

A situation continually occurring in cities and towns with a long history is the struggle between businesses or institutions and heritage preservationists. 

In 2021, I completed a short documentary on saving Stratford Ontario’s City Hall. Built in 1900 the building was in disrepair by the 1960s. Local politicians and businesses wanted to demolish the building, and submitted a variety of modern options.

Stratford’s City Hall

Arguments for and against became quite acrimonious at times. Without a determined, organized and passionate group of people the building would have been torn down and the historically significant and elegantly designed building would no longer be a treasured landmark and tourist destination for the city.

photo courtesy Stratford-Perth Archives

Currently, Stratford is experiencing a similar issue with its first general hospital, built in the 1890s. Avon Crest is at a crossroads. A group of concerned citizens once again takes up the challenge in an attempt to preserve and reimagine this once stately building. 

Being involved with the Stratford & District Historical Society’s website design and management, I was more than happy to offer my skills and services to design the website for Save Avon Crest !

Site URL https://saveavoncrest.ca/

While there is a long road to the final decision on the fate of Avon Crest, the story of heritage preservation continues throughout communities across the province.

I also completed a short documentary about the hospital for the Stratford & District Historical Society in mid 2020.