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SDHS Book Talk

The Stratford & District Historical Society (2019 version) continues to present new events in the community. To start the new year off on January 17th, local author, Dean Robinson, presented a talk around his new book “Not the last waltz and other Stratford stories”.

audience for book talk
dean with nancy

In an effort to contribute to the development of more video content of local history, I recorded the event, edited it and uploaded to the organization’s new YouTube Channel.

The six minute video captures the flavour of the talk and in a brief on-camera interview offers Dean an opportunity to outline his views of writing in general and this book in particular.

I shot the video on a DLSR at 1080p and while some of the talk is in a darkened room, I think it expresses the nature of the event effectively.

While this is the latest in a number of projects for SDHS (2019), I have been working on a short-format series entitled “Historically Speaking”, that I hope to begin releasing in February 2020.