coming soon to the Royal cinema in Toronto

The Sanctuary Trailer

Opening on January 28, 2020 at the Royal Cinema, in Toronto.

The culmination of editing a feature film is to see it on the ‘big screen’ with full audio surround sound, mastered and colour-graded picture, and November 14, 2019 at the Stratford cinema was the day.

Cast, crew, and their families experienced The Sanctuary with a big screen viewing at the Stratford cinema, the film then went on to play for the following week.

Allen Kool – Director, Robin E. Crozier – Screenplay, Yaseen Lachporia – Production Manager at Stratford screening

The feature played extremely well. Image quality and colour-grading added a visual appeal, and the music along with enhanced audio brought an additional cohesive dimension to the film’s storytelling.

With the completion of the feature, we now needed promotional material.

It was time to cut a trailer.

Having spent so much time with the film, I knew, almost instinctively, what sound bites, what visual clips, I wanted to use. It came together quickly and the director suggested only a minor adjustment or two.

A completed edit was uploaded for Flora Cheng, our music composer, and Hayward Parrott sound designer/mixer, for them to work on music and final audio mix.

Laying back the audio to the final master video resulted in this new trailer for the Sanctuary.

Click poster for link to the trailer.