on the set

“The Taste Of Blood”- In Production

Principal photography for the feature “The Taste of Blood”, the sequel to the multi-award winning feature “The Sanctuary”, began on March 22 with interior settings at the Westover Inn in St. Marys, ON. As with on set productions in these times of Covid-19 pandemic, safety protocols where in place.

I attended the shoot on the first couple of days for two particular reasons, 1) to answer any questions the director, Allen Kool, may have had regarding post-production effects. While discussion about effects has been on-going, it is helpful to be able to answer any last minute questions that arise in the midst of a shoot, particularly on the first day as production ramps up. And 2) to shoot some behind the scenes footage for a possible promotional video for the film.

It was an extremely pleasant surprise to see and chat with Michael A. Carbon, one of the executive producers on both The Sanctuary and The Taste of Blood, for the first time in many years. 

Michael worked with Allen, David and myself on some classic Canadian music videos for artists like Honeymoon Suite and Helix, among a number of other video productions. Michael has gone on to a successful career in multiple television genres.

One of the key aspects of production that was clear on the feature “The Sanctuary” completed in 2019 and released through various markets the next year, was the informal mentoring that unfolded between the experienced and the younger members of the crew. There was a constant guiding of ideas and suggestions providing opportunities for the inexperienced to learn their craft, opportunities that are unique in an actual production environment. And that mentoring and exchange of ideas carries through to this production as well. It was good to see this respect for each and every member of the crew and their role in the production.

Principal photography is expected to wrap early April.