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“Historically Speaking” – Short-Format Documentary Series

In late 2019, I began shooting interviews in preparation for a short-format documentary series for the Stratford & District Historical Society (2019).

The objective of the series is to tell stories of local people and events of historical significance to this community. We are building an archive of stories unique to the area that would otherwise be lost.

Now that I am well into post-production, it is time to release a Preview Trailer. This two and a half minute promo provides an overview of the series, and gives the Society a resource to seek sponsorship for the series. Sponsorship dollars helps sustain the Historical Society’s activities, as well as facilitate new events.

Series One Episodes:
1) Clive Porter, the original landscaper for Stratford’s Centennial project, Confederation Falls.
2) Lorne Bolton, instrumental in helping design an innovative, more efficient printing process at the BeaconHerald in a time of major newspaper production change.
3) Sam Ogilvie instrumental in creating an environmental awareness program that spread from Stratford across the country.
4) Mary Newel comments on her ancestor, William “Boss” Easson, an influential Stratford, Ontario building and furniture-making entrepreneur.
5) Al Chipps reflects on over one-hundred years of experiences.
6) Dean Robinson, renown local author, explaining how seven women where instrumental in saving from demolition what is now a treasured landmark, the Stratford City Hall.

Production Team
Director/Cameraperson – Andrew C. Brown
Producer – Nancy Musselman
Co-ordination – Jayne Trachsel, Carole Huband, Rev. Dr. Scott Boughner
Original theme music – Mark Legroulx
Music recording & music mix – Dustin Smith, Skyline Music
Special thanks to Simon Brothers – Powerline Films for selected footage